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How to Maximise Online Sales in 2023🤑

If you want to sell more online the first thing that you need to understand is how the internet works.

Let’s reverse engineer how you end up reading this article an example to help you understand.

But.. before that, let me explain a few concepts that will help you navigate this blog post in easily:

The first concept that I want you to understand is content. What is content?

Content is anything you share on the internet. From photos on social media to videos, articles and podcasts. So everything that becomes shareable on the internet is content.

The second concept that I want you to understand is conversion.

What is a conversion? A conversion is the action of ‘’converting’’ a simple visitor to your page into a customer.

Content has become a basic ingredient to sell on the internet. Why? Because it is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. It allows small businesses to add value to their audience, mostly for free! It's an avenue to connect with audiences at almost no cost. I say almost because there is so much noise nowadays on the internet that in order for the content to be seen some investment is needed.

So now you know what content is. GREAT!🌟

Going back to the explanation. Content is created, you promote it for free (on your social media) or pay for it (with facebook or google ads), and people get to know you! Yay!!! But how do they become customers?

I love being honest and raw , I don’t believe in overnight success. You need to have good content but you also need to have a good product and a good service.

Normally the journey in order to convert (which means make someone go from a simple audience to a lead and then become a customer) looks like this:

In simple words, you create relevant content for your audience. They get exceptional value and share their details with you. And you then do an amazing job in providing an excellent service experience to your audience.

Last but not least, they normally share email details with you so make sure you have a good email marketing strategy in place in order to give your audience the best customer journey experience!

If you want to learn more about online strategies for 2023, 👉click on the link👈 and watch my FREE Sales Strategies Training.

See you inside!

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