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Affordable email & digital strategies for small businesses to Boost Sales

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Welcome to Infinite Power Digital!

Yeli here! (the creative mind and host of our Creative Marketing & Mindset Podcast🎙).


Let me introduce us!


We are a boutique Branding and Growth Marketing consultancy & implementation service that helps businesses sell more using the power of the internet and its infinite possibilities. Together we have over 30 years experience in Creativity, Marketing and Project Management across 5 continents.


In the past we have both collaborated with leading corporations across the globe in both marketing and digital implementation.  From branding, point of sale, project management, campaign concept creativity, leading photoshoots for campaigns, art direction, launching new products and services, radio, print and TV to online strategies. All of those based on the customer needs.


Since 2017, we have been proudly serving clients worldwide. What sets our service apart is our commitment to not only consult and execute but also to educate and EMPOWER you. We ensure that you grasp all essential processes, enabling you to exercise complete control and make informed decisions for your business. 

There is no such thing as obvious in my vocabulary and I have the patience of a monk (I certainly trained with them in Thailand🧘) to explain marketing strategies to non marketing experts!

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Case Study

     Transforming Shed Sales with Strategic Growth Marketing

Client Background: A business specialising in the sale of sheds and garden rooms.

Our Service: We provided comprehensive web optimization and crafted a digital strategy aimed at converting website visitors into paying customers. Leveraging our expertise as Growth Marketing Strategists, we focused on customer-centric tactics, data-driven insights, and a robust growth strategy.

Challenges Faced: The client was investing significant funds in Google ads with a previous partner but was not seeing a satisfactory return on investment. Additionally, their online visibility was poor, making it difficult for potential customers to find their website.

Our Approach: We conducted a thorough analysis of the client's existing strategies and redefined their customer journey. By immersing ourselves in the client's industry and product offerings, we were able to develop a seamless customer experience tailored to their target audience. Our strategies included persuasive copywriting to resonate with ideal customers, website optimisation for enhanced conversions, and the implementation of automated email marketing campaigns.

Key Strategies Employed:

Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritised the needs and preferences of potential shed buyers.


Data-Driven Tactics: Utilised data analytics to inform strategic decision-making and optimize performance.

Solid Growth Strategy: Developed a comprehensive plan to organically enhance the client's online presence and drive sales.

Results Achieved in less than 60 days:

Improved Google Ranking: Achieved top positions in Google search results organically.

Significant Sales Growth: Sales experienced a substantial increase, surpassing previous levels, without relying on paid advertising.

   We have collaborated with


 How can we support you!

Branding, Landing Pages & Social Design

We can help you define requirements, visualizing and creating graphics, landing pages, lead magnets, layouts and photos.


We bring you through the creative journey together to help you bring out your branding from inside you! 

We help you create your personal brand and produce the photographs that will help you share your story with your audience.


   Growth Strategies 

Email Marketing, Sales Systems , Launches, Social Ads and Automation Strategies (for service providers) 

There are so many parts that you and your business need to have ready in order to sell online. We have created a service that makes your brand attractive on the internet. 

If you are doing things right your audience will find you. You need to have everything ready in order to help them go through the most pleasant and memorable customer journey and experience , and that is exactly what this service is about.


for business owners or inhouse teams 

Are you a small business and you cannot afford to pay a service?

Automated Sales System training

Digital Launches Service one on one 

One on One Strategy Consultation

Do you feel that you would like to implement the strategies yourself?

No problem!

We can teach you step by step how to implement an of our strategies in a way a 5 year old would understand.

Let's face it, digital marketing is moving fast and you need you and your team to keep up with the latest customer attraction trends.


In a few sessions we help you create a practical strategy and give it to you for you and your team to implement it!

A 7- 12  week training (depending on your needs) programme that teaches you the process that you need to follow , step by step, in order to be able to launch and sell your service online.


From 1 on 1 advise on how to package your online offer, to the clear structure of your masterclass and the copywriting that your offer needs for a launch.

You are not sure about what exactly your business needs at this time?


That is ok (you don't need to know everything) these one on one consultations are designed to guide you towards the most urgent step that you should take with your strategy.

''I would recommend Infinite Power digital to anyone who is unaware of online marketing.

I feel much more confident about online marketing and how to sell more online.''

Marion, Customised Couture

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