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Our Story 


I left my home country, the corporate world, became a mum, worked and studied for years, pursued curiosity and self-love, built the business of my dreams. Now, I’m ready to help small business owners thrive.


I have multiple passions, and four different degrees: Music, Photography, Media and Marketing, one MBA and a Postgraduate degree, a year of law, and have taken an infinite number of courses and trainings.


I am truly passionate about Marketing, visual creativity, leadership, sales and consciousness.


At 24 years old, I was managing commercial branding and communication campaigns for a leading retailer. Two years later, I was leading a sales team of 60 people for a leading worldwide multinational. 

Having worked in all the different areas of marketing departments – from branding, point of sale, campaign concept creativity, leading photoshoots for campaigns, art direction, launching new products and services campaigns, radio, print and TV to online strategies based on the customer needs.


‍My leadership style and authenticity is intrinsically linked to my artistic experience. In the 1990s, I danced and performed on TV, chosen by my country’s most renowned children’s producer, and later worked with Hollywood director Michael Moore on the production team for Miami Vice. I am used to being in front of and behind of a camera and have the patience of a monk to explain non marketers what they need.

After a decade in the Emerald Isle, two beautiful boys, emotional challenges, and lots of personal and professional growth and an amazing team welcome to a integrated marketing service full of empathy, creativity, power, absolutely zero judgement and lots of joy.


Yeli Co-Founder 💪

The Team

Marion, Customised Couture

''I would recommend Infinite Power digital to anyone who is unaware of online marketing. I feel much more confident about online marketing and how to sell more online.''
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