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Training & Support

A business owner in 2022 needs to be able to understand and control most of their processes in order to be able to lead in a market that is transforming more than ever.  That is why we want to help you and your staff be in control and understand the latest practices in top areas of your business.

Beauty Products

Video Performance and creation

Let's be honest!! We all need to show our faces on video, but we were not all trained for it! With more than 20 years performance experience our team can help you with the following:

1. We can help you by only recording your videos or

2. Help you with the content creation process (writing the scripts, giving you performance techniques and delivering the final version of your videos).


Like no other agency in the market we also create our own content, so we know exactly the feeling of being in front of the camera talking about your brand.

Using Mobile Phones
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 Photography and Videography - Content Training

Are you a small business that cannot afford to invest in a monthly expense of having a photographer?

It is absolutely fine!

We can help you by training a member of your team in order to take the best photos and videos for your business.

The training will include: Photography basics , videography basics, graphic design principles and editing. 

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Visual Project

 Project Management support, training for Marketing Departments & Helping you hire your Marketing talent

With the rise of so many marketing channels so does the number of projects your department has to manage. Now more than ever good project management is needed to keep things organised, on track and moving forward.


We provide PMP certified professional project managers with over 15 years experience to ensure that all your marketing projects are on time and on budget.


We can offer two different options:


We could either manage your projects and also teach your team members to manage the projects successfully.

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 Business Development training

Sales are the fuel of your business, we do not do anything by creating amazing campaigns if you are not ready to serve the people we send your way. 

As a young business what you might need right now is a clear understanding of how a simple sales process works.


We have very extensive experience in the area of business development and product/ market introduction/ research and we would love to help you succeed.

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