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4 Tips To Attract More Customers Online

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I love this topic ❤️

I have learned to love customer attraction strategies because by loving it I get to help another small business to grow and shine. I truly think that's what all of us deserve.

As a marketer I will always tell you to get your basics right before you even create anything!

1.Your WHO? What is your ideal customer? Do you know exactly who she or he is? Do you know the places that she or he visits online?

2.Your WHAT? What about your product? Is your product designed to serve that specific person?

3.Your WHERE? Where are you offering that product? Where exactly should it be?

4.Your HOW much? How are you calculating the value of your offering?

Once you have all those questions clearly answered we can start creating clear offers (in the way of posts) or whichever channel that you choose and communicate with that person that need’s what you’ve got to offer.

That is where the non salesy sales happens as you get to meet your customers' needs without being aggressive!

Follow for more tips!.

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