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"Unleashing Magic in the Midst of Crisis:Disneyland Paris' Unforgettable Experience During the 2023'

The truth is that you learn a lot while travelling, and my fifth visit to Paris was no exception. We started with a flight cancellation just hours before takeoff, we already had the whole trip and Disney hotels already paid for! Patiently, at 8 pm on Tuesday, and with the confirmed check-in on Wednesday at 12:00, I started looking for a new plane ticket (obviously at a much higher price than what I had paid for the original ticket).

Anyone who has visited or has any relationship with France knows that protests are totally normal, but precisely for this trip, we didn't rent a car, and OMG, the bus cancellations and curfew that accompanied the protests were a challenge.

We arrived at Disney on the first day, and wow, I learned so much from them when we entered the Disney Village: exciting music, impeccable cleanliness, characters, and smiles everywhere!

From a business perspective, there were many details that caught my attention!

Every single staff member I had the opportunity to interact with had the ability and knowledge to guide you through the parks. At Disney, they employ responsible and committed individuals who care about the experience of each customer.

They tell stories in every corner, and they tell unforgettable stories (even in adversity): Due to the protests in Paris, the parks closed earlier than usual, and the fireworks shows were cancelled. What did Disney do to guarantee us an unforgettable experience? They kindly gave us complimentary passes to their amazing show in one of their amphitheatres. Another great detail is that every part of Disney tells a story (accompanied by great music, by the way). They take the experience seriously and truly make you live unforgettable moments.

They use the formula of creativity + innovation and create pure magic! They have never stopped being creative since day one of their opening. They use the formula of creativity mixed with innovation.

They leverage the power of their branding, much more than just a simple logo: When you visit Disney parks, you don't see their logo everywhere, but you breathe, hear, and live the stories of each character, and they even make you feel a part of them.

They haven't forgotten their beginnings: Disney has grown through acquisitions, and there are many famous Disney characters. However, one of the products they have created in different versions and colours is Mickey ears. Disney has not forgotten one of the icons that has contributed greatly to its growth.

In the end, despite the countless adversities we experienced in Paris, we said goodbye to Disneyland Paris, already planning our next visit. I wish you can apply Disney's brilliance and magic to your product or service!

See you in the next post!


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