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Digital Launches in 2024: Transforming Business Owners' Time Management

Updated: Feb 28

Navigating the challenge of time for business owners who trade their time for money is a common struggle. Drawing from my experience assisting business owners in LATAM (Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Peru) and the European area (UK, Spain & Ireland), as well as engaging in B2B interactions in the corporate world, it's clear that finding enough time to serve customers is a constant hurdle.

No matter how much you increase your per-hour fee, there's a limit to the number of clients you can serve weekly unless you adopt a scalable selling method. Enter digital launches, a scalable strategy I personally started crafting in 2018, with roots in the USA since 1996. Their popularity soared during the pandemic.

What's a digital launch? It's about introducing a new or improved service to the public. It offers advantages, like a time-saving strategy for a solicitor using webinars to reach a broader audience. This approach allows for a more significant impact than traditional selling methods alone and can save a sales team months in lead generation.

In the growing coaching industry, coaches can leverage digital launches by moving away from the per-hour model and providing a transformative experience within a set time frame. Despite their apparent simplicity, successful launches require careful orchestration of various factors.

Today's goal is to expand your knowledge, introducing what launches entail and exploring possibilities powered by the infinite reach of the internet. If you're unsure how a launch can benefit you, reach out to us. We're here to assist you on your journey!

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