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3 Myths About Selling Your Service Online in 2024

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Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of launching your services online? Drawing from my experience of launching my first digital product in 2018 (which might sound small, but in the digital world, 6 years are equivalent to 12 years in the analogue world), I've been studying digital launches with different experts. I would like to share some advice and dispel some myths around what it takes and how a launch could benefit you and your business.

Myth 1: A big following and a few posts about your product on social media do not mean that you have successfully launched your service. Over the last 6 years in the LATAM market and almost 3 in the EMEA area, I've helped business owners, and in both areas, SMEs' business leaders believe that announcing their products and services on social media equals having their service launched in the digital space.

Myth 2: Having a beautiful looking and expensive website does not guarantee sales for your SME. One of my clients came to me as she had invested thousands of euros in an e-commerce website, took a lot of time researching the market, and started offering her much-needed product in the Irish market. When the e-commerce website went LIVE, she received around 3 visits per month on her site and not 1 sale. Why? She had no marketing strategy in place. Having a costly website LIVE and no marketing strategy is not going to make your business sell.

Myth 3: Creating an online course (infoproduct) does not mean that you will start selling digitally. Anything on the internet without a source of traffic is just another page on a cloud. It is very true that infoproducts are an industry that has grown and will continue to grow; it is actually projected to grow to USD 12.91 billion by 2029. However, before investing in a digital course, you need to have a validated idea (which means that you somehow know that there is a market for the course).

If you need help around validating your idea or around creating a result-centric growth marketing strategy, send me a message, and I personally will be delighted to help. Also if you want to receive the latest marketing & digital sales strategies directly to your inbox join me HERE.

See you in the next post!

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