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Your roadmap to success in 2023

 A 7 week creative experience for business owners.

We're not your typical branding service. We comprehend you, your business needs and guide you every step of the way, ensuring you grasp the full potential of your branding.

How will we do it :

Analyise your story and your current assets.



Research the market competition and your preferred brands.


We will sketch the brands

We will understand clearly who is your ideal customer.


We will start creating the concepts.


We will create the different pieces preferred & your complimentary shoot!


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Yeli is a multi-passionate marketing consultant who has been actively involved in online sales since 2018 and has been collaborating with design departments since 2005.

She is a highly creative marketer, a compassionate individual, and holds an MBA with over 13 years of corporate experience. Yeli has worked closely with branding departments of renowned brands such as IKEA, Conforama, Trulife, and Habitat. In addition, she has collaborated extensively with sales departments, combining her sales knowledge with her highly creative eye.


Her incredible sense of empathy is a result of living in more than 5 countries and teaching over 700 individuals!

One of her passions is to create high-quality brands and educate business owners about the importance of cultivating data-driven, authentic brands that genuinely reflect their identity and, of course, positively impact their sales.

About the creative!

What does people say about Yeli

Donna Dublin, Ireland

“I have loved my time with Yeli since the first time I met her. She is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing person. Thanks!"


Go at your own pace and learn how to:

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